Sarah’s pilates classes are fabulous. She radiates health and fitness and is always cheerful and very focussed on everyone’s wellbeing. She keeps it interesting. Nat is also very competent. Since I started these classes a year ago I have enjoyed my best year of health in decades. I’ve had one stomach bug which lasted less than ½ a day and a long-term muscle ailment has disappeared. I’ve noticed that most of the people in the class have a level of fitness and muscle tone that’s beyond what you’d expect of people their age. I have no trouble getting motivated to attend. Pilates is hard work but safe and achieves great results very quickly. I highly recommend these classes at Absolutely Fabulous Fitness. Its much nicer than going to a gym to get fit.


I have been attending Pilates classes with Sarah for two years (and Natalie for about 8 months). I have followed them to different venues because I find their classes so well-organised and helpful to my condition. Pilates classes with Sarah have strengthened my core greatly and helped me overcome a back injury of some year’s duration. My flexibility and overall fitness have also improved. I have found that two classes a week are the minimum needed to make some progress; with more classes there is stronger improvement. It is very important that instructors are knowledgeable, careful and clear. Sarah and Natalie have these qualities. They present exercises that can be performed at different levels to suit each person’s ability and clients are encouraged to take advantage of these levels, according to how they feel on the day. Instructors also check for injuries before classes start and adjust exercises to suit. This individual attention is very reassuring. I look forward to coming to Absolutely Fabulous Fitness because the instructors and the clients are very cheerful and friendly. You will see the same faces regularly because many people are very happy with classes and even if they have to be absent for a short time, they always come back. Overall, the exercise classes with Sarah and Nat have improved my health and well-being greatly. I wouldn’t be without them now. Kind regards,

Sandra James

“I only attended your classes for a short time and would have loved to continue with you but unfortunately the classes clashed time wise with my timetable.

I also wanted to acknowledge what a great instructor you are and say thank you for what I learnt in that short time.  Your knowledge, energy and enthusiasm made it easy to come to your classes.  I came away with a new understanding of my body and still use that awareness during many of my yoga poses.  Thank you for that.”



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